Soundproof 1.0.2 Released

We’re very happy to announce the latest version of Soundproof. It includes lots of great improvements, including much improved Count-In timer accuracy and VoiceOver accessibility we can be truly proud of.

To celebrate, we have dropped the price of unlimited practice to Free until Wednesday 18th December 2014. Go get it now

We also took the opportunity to make the track selection screen scroll more smoothly, apply more visual polish and fix some annoying little crashing bugs.

We recommend that you update to this version for the best practice experience.

Just so you know, this is likely to be the last Soundproof release that is compatible with iOS 7. We plan future releases will require iOS 8 and add some cool new features.

If you haven’t already, please rate or review Soundproof in the App Store. It helps us immensely with App Store rankings.