Random insult generator with a touch of class



Without doubt the best insult generator in the App Store, and the most ridiculous thing you can do on an Apple Watch.

Hobson creates endless hilarious phrases using a carefully curated dictionary of British vulgarity. Reassuringly offensive, Hobson does not resort to profanity in his quest to make you laugh.


Millions of random innuendo-laden phrases

Share with friends using Hobson cards

Stash your favourites for later 

Apple Watch support. Get a quick one on the wrist wherever you are

Today Widget shows a random favourite from your collection to bring you a little cheer throughout the day

Moderately high risk of causing offence


A gloriously foul waste of time
— Every happy user
Tragically juvenile, a great way to brighten your day with offensive nonsense.
— The developer
Inspired. Obviously made by enlightened idiots.
— A.R.Sole