Soundproof 1.0 Released


Stroud, UK (30th September, 2014) — Montana Floss Co. today announced the release of their new iOS app "Soundproof", a music player for practice. Soundproof is a tool for learning designed to help you play, sing or learn audio material on repeat.

Featuring large clear controls and a simple minimalist design, musicians can easily use the app at arms' length. Using the simple repeat markers the player can loop just part of a track, and the Count-In screen with optional Voice Announcement gives you time to get ready to play.

"We think musicians, teachers and students will appreciate the simplicity of the app" – said Marc Palmer, Montana Floss Co.'s CEO. "The large time slider and playback controls make interaction easy and fun."

Bands can use the app to share the track listings of Setlists, and teachers can keep a Setlist per student to record progress. The app also automatically monitors how much practice you are doing — perfect for making sure you put in the necessary time.

Pricing & Availability

Soundproof is free with limits. The “Unlimited Practice” In-App Purchase will remove the weekly practice limit for a one-off charge of $1.99 (UK: £1.49). The “Pro Features” In-App Purchase unlocks unlimited Setlists and the Repeat Markers functionality for another $2.99 (UK: £1.99).

The developers want the app to be used by anybody who wants to learn, so Soundproof allows up to 30 minutes practice per week for free, forever.

Soundproof is available in the App Store now at:

iPhone 4 owners receive the app completely unlocked for free, on the basis that future releases may require iOS 8, and hence will not be available to these users.

About the developers

Montana Floss Co. Ltd. is a small independent app development and consultancy business in Stroud, UK. Soundproof is the first publicly available app they have built.

Marc Palmer is the developer, who is learning to play drums and guitar. Adam Hinks is the designer, plays bass and guitar better than Marc, as well as ukelele in the Ukes of Hazard. They work together on product design and argue a lot, in a good way.

Sample release text for social networks

Soundproof for iPhone & iPod Touch. A music player made for practice. Create Setlists and repeat parts of tracks.

Press contact

Please direct all press enquiries to Marc Palmer at

Other details

A press kit is available, including icons and screenshots at:

The website for Soundproof is:

Soundproof on Twitter: @SoundproofApp

Montana Floss Co. on Twitter: @MontanaFloss