Project: Kowalah babysitting service

We’ve worked with the team at Kowalah (formerly Bambino) on their babysitting service on and off for a while now. Based in Oxfordshire they are that very rare thing; a bootstrapped and revenue-generating startup.

This year we got the chance to help them plan the re-work of their entire app user experience, visuals and business processes as well as some maintenance work on their MVP iOS code base. There are unique challenges with a service like this around confidence, trust and security and it has been a fascinating challenge.


We can’t share the detailed designs publicly at this point because development is still underway at Kowalah. That’s why we've had to blur all the screenshots, we can't give away the secrets of the new app.

The Montana Floss team took the time to really understand our users (parents) and their struggles with trying to quickly organise safe childcare. The team were able to provide strong suggestions on good design practices and delivered modern designs that will make it even easier to use the Kowalah platform.
— Candy Cowan, Kowalah Ltd.

We discussed their longer term goals for service and took their user feedback to design an entirely new iOS app UI architecture, with clear navigation that bubbles the information the users need directly to the front of that app. We added new UI flows to streamline the more complex interactions of the sensitive issue of hiring somebody you don’t yet know to look after your children.

Working with the new branding provided by their design agency we put together new App icons and new visual direction.

There are some exciting new features we designed around selecting sitters that we can’t wait to see make it into the service.

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