Free music & dance app for tutors

Are you a music or dance teacher? Do you work in music education? If so, we would love to give you a free copy of our music practice app Soundproof for iPhone or iPad. Soundproof is designed specifically for learning music through repetition. Repeated practice is the essence of developing musical skill, whether playing, singing or dancing. We designed Soundproof to be the simplest looping music player on the App Store, perfect for education and students of all ages.

Soundproof is great for your students because they can create a setlist of pieces they need to practice and it will repeat them or parts of them indefinitely. Typically they would wear headphones while or use AirPlay to send the audio to some speakers while they practise. Bluetooth wireless headphones can also be used to avoid the frustration of getting tangled up in wires, and the iPhone or iPod Touch left in a pocket on music stand.

With Soundproof students can easily slow down the pieces or skip to other sections, and there is a useful count-in delay so that they can get into position after pressing Play and before the audio starts. There’s nothing worse than missing the first bars of a tune at the beginning of a song as you get back to your seat.

As a teacher you can use Soundproof in lessons while you are familiarising the student with the piece. The big play/pause button makes it really easy for you to control playback during the lesson. You can create Setlists for students and send the list of tracks to the pupil by message or e-mail so they can get the tracks for themselves, whether they use Soundproof at home or not.

It even has voice announcements so that they can practice a mixture of tracks at home without having to remember which is next or be able to see the iPhone or iPad display.

Encouraging students to put in enough practice time between lessons is difficult, but using Soundproof they can easily see how much time they have spent playing along with the tracks over the course of a week, helping them become aware of how much they need to do to achieve their goals.

Get a free educational copy of our app music practice app and contact us if you have any feedback.